Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Overlander in the woods

Here are a few shots of the Overlander in the woods at Oquaga Creek State Park along with the Perkin's 58 Globetrotter across the way. Well, here's my story. The night before we were leaving, Colin and his family were here. I gave Colin a tour of the yard (Airstream lot) and he saw the Overlander. I had two propane tanks sitting on the tongue just sitting there for storage - not hooked up nor filled - empty (luckily). Colin saw how I had them held down and said I should put the hold down lower on the tanks - and the next am while getting ready to head out I tried to move the hold down - but it would not fit through the holes on the tanks. Thus, I put the hold down back on the tanks and tightened it with my fingers and said - "I have to tighten these before we head out." So, what did I forget to tighten down - yup! I traveled about 15 miles and met up w/ the Perkins and Anne and Floyd to Caravan over to Oquaga. I headed out in the lead, then Anne and Floyd and the Perkins brought up the rear. About 8 miles south, as I was rounding a curve - I spotted something in the road spinning - it was my tanks!!!! Ugh - nicely polished tanks sliding on the road. One fell off to the right - one fell off to the left. Luckily nothing was coming up the road and luckily the tanks were not connected nor full - they were empty. So, I stopped and sure enough - no tanks on the trailer. I swung the rig around, and trailered back - and there was Anne and Floyd. Now, this was their first outing period with their Airstream - a nice 1967 Globetrotter ( I figure Floyd to be 80) and they yelled out - You lose something? - funny I thought and when I got there, Dick and Ethyl had already spun their 58 Globetrotter around to got retrieve the tanks. So, the rest of the trip went great - great weather, great friends, great fun and when I got home, I got this email from Anne and Floyd - with a subject How Rob polishes his tanks! Too funny - seems the had a little fun at my expense. So, now "Checking the tanks" is on my checklist.

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