Friday, December 08, 2006

Operation Recovery - Success!

My Uncle works at NAPA and last week, I left him the hub and bearing numbers and when I got home last Saturday morning, the new bearings and races were all ready for me. I got home around 9am, stopped for an hour to be with my wife and boys, and then went out, hooked onto the 75 Sovereign, drove over to my parents (my dad and mom were going to help in towing the FC for me) and we Caravanned towards Amsterdam. We arrived at the FC around 245pm. We were on the road, wheel all fixed and FC connected to my dad's Chevy, and we were once again headed towards Plattsburgh. We arrived without incident at 545pm. Colin was there with Don and Amanda - the current owners of Vintage Thunder and it was nice to meet them - they were dropping VT off at GSM too.. so Colin had 3 more trailers arrive on Saturday. I got home around 1130pm, and spent a nice Sunday with my family, cleaned out our 1960 Trade Wind (it's sold) and packed, got in the truck at 8pm and headed to Washington DC where I was flying out of Dulles for San Diego again at 6am. I made it - but man was I a tired pup! I've been out here in San Diego all, take the red eye back to DC tonight, where I have USMC Reserves all weekend. Zoe' and the boys are coming down to Virginia this afternoon as I get promoted to LtCol on Saturday. On Sunday, we'll drive home - I have a board meeting on Monday - did I tell you I'm also a Town Councilman too! We'll see you all back in NY.

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