Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Flag Pole holder anyone?

I am having a few of these made. These are nice, all aluminum, and will last forever! Email me if you want one, for details.


Rob & Zoe' Baker said...

The flag pole holders are made out of all aluminum, and they mount via U-bolts to the front hitch jack. Two u-bolts go around the hitch jack and secure the holder to it. The holder, as currently designed, hold 1" in diameter poles. I use the 12' aluminum painter poles from Lowe's or Home Depot. I just had one custom made for The http://tour.airstreamlife.com trailer with 1.5" holes for his telescoping poles. Check out his blog for 30 June and you can see a picture of him mounting it. I am asking $75 per holder, plus shipping which via USPS Priority, is a flat rate $8.10 to anywhere in the lower 48. Thanks for the questions. I take paypal to: robandzoe@adlelphia.net



Anonymous said...

Rob, The pictures don't do justice to the heft and quality of these flag pole brackets. It may just outlast my AS! Certainly worth the price. Nothing short of a major auto accident will ever threaten this hardware. Mark

Doug said...

Hi Rob, Your Adelphi email doesn't work. Are you still makeing these holders?

Doug said...

Hi Rob, it looks like your adelphi email doesn't work, are you still making these holders?