Monday, October 31, 2005

All the Interior and road trip too!

Well, here are a few more pictures of the trailer being dis-assembled. Many, many screws, come pounding, and breathing in the disgusting air within, and all is out. The trip; well, we had planned to be on the road north by noon. We got a little late start because we wanted to watch the Airstream plug on the Today show that Bruce Littlefield had for his book - which was worth it. We got to the Vagabond and after getting everything in place, we realized the Airstream spares on 6 hole wheels would not work on our Vagabond, 5 hole drums...bummer. So, we went to the junk yard...long story short, we were on the road at 930pm, for a 6 hour drive north through the woods - the woods because we wanted bail out points like parking lots, driveways.....just in case. Look at my photos as you can see: 1. Rivets missing (floor /frame issues. 2. Floor missing. 3. Trailer not connected to floor - that's Colins foot fitting under the floor. 4. Turns out we did not need it. Both the SOTR and the Vagabond towed like a dream! Enjoy the photos!

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