Saturday, February 18, 2006

Stop and then a pick up!

Well, the trip to Plattsburgh was quite a whirl! No kidding...with 50 mph winds gusting to 70mph, it was really whirling around yesterday. We were caught in a sleet storm leaving our house, then about 15 miles from Colin's, we came upon a 4 sled snowmobile trailer on the I-87 - I think they were snowmobiles (those $7k ones) where the trailer had flipped. Then, when we got to Colin's shop, the power were out...They were polishing by hand in the dark on the SOTR - Hah - just kidding. We unloaded the old foam rubber gaucho, the Dometic fridge and the old 50s Magic Chef stove / oven, along with some other items, and headed over to Colin's house so that Zoe' and Susanne could talk interior design. The boys got to play with Malcom - their camping buddy! We ended up staying there in Plattsburgh and then headed out this morning. We had some good Chinese last night, and this morning, Colin made some toast - he's quite the Chef! Thanks Colin and Susanne - we had fun, like we always do! We were on the road around 9am, drove down the Route 9 along Lake Champlain, cut over the Crown Point bridge into Vermont, across the state to I91, south to the Mass turnpike, and then down and over to Douglas, MA where we picked up the 58 Travelall! It's out in the parking lot now, looking huge compared to the Silverado pulling it. We are shacked up in a Holiday Inn Express and will drive the 4 hours home tomorrow morning. Oh yeah, we stopped at a Vermont Country Store on the way through Vermont, for a little break along the way. All in all, it's been a good trip thus far.

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