Monday, February 06, 2006


I know alot of you blog readers out there really like the family photos I have from my Grandfather and when he would take the family on the road. So, I've obtained a few more photos from my Uncle - he's the little guy in the photo! One of these is a photo of my Grandfather and Grandmother, Don and Doris Stanton, of North Norwich, NY, (look in the 65 WBCCI directory and you will find them (the oldest directory I have) with CPing just like I do now, but in Plymouth, NY) with the trailer - WBCCI 4182, with the Buick Electra towing, and the other is my Grandfather and Grandmother with my Uncle Donald visiting my Great Great Aunt Louise "Stebbins" and Great Great Uncle Carl Holiday up in Heuvelton, NY (Ogdensburg, NY way). The other is near Kutztown, PA in and around the 1962 timeframe, as I have a similar picture with the same backdrop. I've got a few more to post when I get the chance. I have to source one of those "Wally Byam Caravan" Stickers....the red one! for the SOTR, don't ya think? Vintage Trailer Supply? SYDTR.

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