Sunday, February 05, 2006

Old Like New!

I was surfing the web last night, and was reading a thread on when I came across someone asking about how an Airstream is made. I posted a link to this Blog so the WannaBe from Ontario who is looking for an Airstream, could see a 48 year old trailer, torn down and rebuilt to new, just as it was done in the factory. Then, SilverTwinkie posted a link to their website which has pictures of when they went to the a photo tour. I have yet to make the voyage to Ohio to see the factory, but we will with the SOTR. I found the above picture, and I've posted one of the SOTR at Colin's. Pretty neat to see a new trailer in the same state as our48 year old one! I'll post the photos in a few minutes, as the blog host is having issues in the photo upload area. SYDTR! Oh yeah, ours is the yellow insulation. Hard to tell the difference.

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Michelle said...

Hi Rob,

So I guess this means SOTR is back inside being worked on at GSM. It looks to me that Colin and company are doing a neater job at installing your insulation than Airstream is doing installing insulation in a new trailer.