Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My deer!

This morning, as I was driving down the road in the dark, saw a deer jump out and realized that with the 30 foot trailer in tow, that the deer was going to hit it... so I induced a sway, and just when I thought the deer was going to hit it, I whipped the truck back... boy did it sway.. the result, I have permanent deer fur in the back end trim line... check it out. No dents - really lucky...

I wonder if the thing knew what it hit... like - what the hell was that shiny thing? Man - must have been one of those 58 Airstreams.... I would have dented a 70s model. Phew!


Sugarfoot said...

Geez, you were fortunate. Leave the deer fur. It's a badge of honor for surviving a hit most would not.

Anonymous said...

Cool that you saved the tow vehicle, especially if you were in the '84 Burb. Don't read this post to your Sovereign (since it might sound like I'm insensitive) but I worry about road hazards affected my Burb as much as I worry about my Airstream. Both are vintage, and both mean a lot to me for different reasons.