Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I fought the stick, and the stick won!

So, here are some pictures of the kitchen under progress. The sun room is coming together.
We'll be tackling the ceiling and walls on this side tomorrow and Friday.

Luckily, behind that dark paneling was nice sheetrock that will get skimmed, sanded and then primed and painting.

When Wayne comes to re-do the dark floors hopefully he can match the two and refinish together so you won't be able to tell.

You can see here where the benchs will be. Those windows will come up a little even with the top of the 18" benchtop. There will be bench seats around two of the three walls with storage underneath. It's looking good.

A nice little nook to have coffee with future Courtesy Parkers.

Today, during lunch, I took a load on the dump truck to the dump. What my brother Marc did not tell me was that he had put a long board in the back of the truck... I knew it was there, but when I was using the tie downs for the load cover, I forgot about it..... and ran right into it, just missing my eye... man it hurt.

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Frank's Trailer Works said...

Nice manly flesh wound there Rob. If you are lucky it will cause a scare and you will have something to spin tall tails around for your Grandkids. Next time we get together, I will show you the scare I got while fighting a giant Anaconda in the Brazilian rain forest.