Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's a tight fit!

Well, the new room is coming along nicely... below are some pictures. This afternoon, I drove down the 400 yards to our old place and hooked onto the Sovereign that's been out in the middle of the yard since November. I hooked on and pulled it up here, wondering if I could get in our driveway that has a garage on one side and trees on the other with a nice telephone / cable box right on the corner. Well, with a little patience and stopping to get out every couple of feet, I was able to get the old girl in! So, now she's up here and later tonight I'll be going through the drawers and closets cleaning her out and packing her up for a departure tomorrow afternoon for northern Virginia, then down to Camp Lejeune, NC for Reserves and then back to Northern Virginia on the 31st for our 1 April WDCU Caravan for the 10th Annual Cherry Blossum Rally. The old Suburban - our tow vehicle for most of this summer, had a prodigy brake controller installed this past week as well as a new round 7 way plug in the rear. The old Fire Chief suburban (which still has the sirens and lights w/ PA system) is a ready to go as well. Enjoy!
It took me a while to get it in here... Zoe' was in with the boys and dog.

It'll take me a while to find her / or make her the right parking space... most likely it'll be out back up on the land bridge that goes into the hay mow... it's really wet to get up there right now.

As you can see, not much room going in

Can you say tight?

Panel replacement anyone? Not me! Those trees have Frank's Anna's names writen all over them.

Making the turn.

Coming or going?

At first, we did not like the brick... but it's growing on us.

The floors will be sanded this upcoming week.

The breakfast nook with bench window seats. Those two big windows get replaced tomorrow with dual pane sliders.

The stairs going up have been closed in with risers and sidewall sheetrock.

The new awning style windows are in. Put the sink on that cabinet and imagine all butcher block countertop with an island in the center, stainless fridge in that corner there with stainless dishwasher and you can start to imagine the finished project.


Frank's Trailer Works said...

Rob those trees were far from your trailer. My parking space has 4 inches on each side of Anna and the key is not to flinch. Next time I come up, Anna and I will give you a few pointers.

utee94 said...

Looks great, Rob. Be sure not to cut it too close to those trees when you pull Sophia out of there. Don't want to catch your bumper or dump valve...