Friday, April 27, 2007

To answer a question

First off, I love getting comments on the blog - thanks Mark! Mark asked a good question, and one that I've been meaning to post about - How much more than new, if any, do you expect the completed SOTR to weigh?

Well, let's see what we've changed. We inserted steel beams from front and to the rear on both sides inside the existing box frame steel that was very thin in places (very glad we did it). That, we estimate, has added about 250lbs to what was there. Then, we are adding two stainless steel gray water holding tanks - about 25 lbs each - so add another 50 lbs. I am switching from a fiberglass black tank to a stainless steel black tank, so add another 20 lbs there net. The bunks that it originally had were a bit lighter than what I've had re-made, so I say add another 30lbs there. I am thinking of just going with a 50 Princess gas stove/oven combo instead of the floor model stove/oven unit - that will save about 20 lbs. The new cabinets, will be built a little stronger, so might be a little heavier, as are the twin bed bases - so add 50lbs overlall. We are also adding a front battery box (about 5 lbs) and also putting in 2 Group 27 AGM batteries and charging system - so put on another 175 lbs to include weight of batteries/charger and wire. That puts us around adding about 525 lbs to the rig. I'll weigh it once we are all done.

Thanks for asking Mark.

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