Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's Revolutionary!

Here are some shots of the new flooring dash-patch going down to cover the elevator bolts holding the flooring down and the cracks between the plywood sheets. The SOTR has that new car smell, with the new Zolatone and the new Marmoleum.

Well, Revolutionary Floors out of Stillwater, NY (near Albany) came in as planned today and installed our Marmoleum floor and I must admit that it looks SWEET - thus our namesake the SWEET Sovereign. The 2 man install team arrived at 8am, and were on their way around 3:30pm. We had to heat the trailer to 60-65 degrees the last two days, and now for the next two days (and of course it is supposed to get cold the next few days). They really enjoyed seeing the 65 Jeep, the 59 Buick, the 3 mid 60s hevy Impalas and all the Airstreams. We also worked on the Overlander and Jeep while they were busy with the SOTR. The Overlander has a new set of treads on it now and baby moons too! I'll post a bunch of pictures documenting the floor and then I'll post the others. Enjoy!

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