Thursday, April 26, 2007

Coming along!

Well, the wall stantions are in, and I've towed the SOTR to the cabinet shop - West End Cabinet shop in the small town of Earlville, NY. Scott and Kevin ( I played little league with Kevin ) are working away on all the cabinetry, starting with the rear vanity. A few weeks (Feb 19th post I think) ago I posted a picture of it as it came out of the trailer with all the varnish and rot - and here is the new piece with all new, including drawer slides, all made out of white birch. The piece is really looking sweet! All the more for the name of the blog - Sweet Sovereign. Next will be the countertop and laminating after they complete the doors and drawer pulls. Then onto the walls and closets. We're getting closer, step by step.

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Anonymous said...

Rob, How much more than new, if any, do you expect the completed SOTR to weigh? Thanks
Mark Johnson