Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Overlander update

Today, I drove the Overlander from Chevy Ave Restoration, to Pharsalia Metal Fabrication (my welder) to have the front step area of the Overlander addressed - it's fatigued! So, he'll do that tomorrow (another $100 Tim -only a hundred) but the step will be like new! With the new rubber underneath, and freshly lubed / packed bearing (very important on a 26' Single Axle trailer), it towed like a dream - about 15 miles. The wiring wall all messed up from the previous owner - the green coming from the brakes was hooked to the ground of the rear tail lights.. all in the same color - blue... go figure. Now, they are all correct - and nice and bright LEDs to boot. The street side of the SOTR was polished today - first cut - but looks great! Now, just the ends to do. My supply of parts came today - ok, here is the link (but all good stuff is gone) - a 1960 Overlander including the door, the bargman L-77, the International Globe Emblems (it only had two (????)), the front battery box, little round louvered vent, phenolic (sp) knobs, Hehr vent lifters, roof caps, chimney for furnace, Airstream logos, etc. If you need window frames and openers, let me know. For my last comment - yes, that shelf is original to the trailer. Enjoy!

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