Monday, May 25, 2009

Car Show this weekend!

I got the first cut completed in time!

Norwich Rolling Antiquers, 2009

It was work and alot of time, but I got the Watershed's Trade Wind's first cut of polishing done on Friday night. I had promised to tow it to the car show for the Watershed and that is what we did so they could show it off, and for good cause - as they had record crowds this year. We also took the SOTR down on Saturday for a couple hours and all day on Sunday. Tickets on the Trade Wind are still available. It's a sweet little trailer with the new axle, wheels and tires along with the first cut of polishing done!

Oh, yeah, isn't the Sovereign "Of the Road" looking sweet! Gave lots of tours and got lots of compliments. Even met a guy with a 67 Ambassador for sale too - good price too! Later, it's Memorial Day and my son Bryce's 6th birthday - Happy Birthday buddy!


Penny's Streamin' Byam said...

Hi Rob! The Trade Wind is looking great - and I mailed a check for raffle tickets today!! Can't wait to hear who wins And your Sovereign is sweet - and almost an International? Penny's Streamin' Byam

charles walker said...

Love your obsessiveness & your farm. Just posted a link to you on our most recent blog post.