Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stainless Black tank!

That's right.... just delivered from my Welder - Pharsalia Metal Fabrication. Daryl is a certified stainless welder (as learned in the US Army) and does a heck of a job. When I got back from seeing Scott at West End Cabinet, these were sitting next to the 58 Overlander. Perfect timing, as the rear vanity is just sitting there waiting for it! There are 3" Stainless Steel female flanges there, where I'll connect the 3" male flange that will accept the new porcelain toilet - no more porta-potti soon!!! And then, he dropped off three of my 5 pole holders I'm having made - two go out in the mail tomorrow - one to the East Coast and one to the West Coast. I expect pictures of those flags flying high guys!

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