Sunday, September 16, 2007

Great Weekend! Again!

This weekend we attended an rally that I hosted. We had 6 Airstreams show and a Terry along with a camper in a VW Rabbit Diesel pickup. The weather was chilly and some rain, but we all had a great time. We had a great potluck dinner last night and a great fireside chat! Floyd can tell em better than anyone - he's got at least 40 years on me, and I love to receive his advice. Let's see, there was a 1958 Sovereign of the Road, a 1958 Globetrotter, a 1963 Trade Wind, a 1967 Globetrotter, a 1968 Sovereign, and a 1970 Sovereign. SOVEREIGN's win! It was close with the Globetrotters taking a close second. Next year, same time, same location. The challenge is that everyone there this year has to bring someone new with them next year. Virginia - you're the one we are bringing next year :) ! The SOTR performed great - especially those bunks - the kids loved them!! Now, plumbing and propane is next! We are getting there!

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