Monday, February 11, 2008

Lights, Catches, Latches and a Buick too!

Things are going slow because it's only single digits out and it's cold in the trailer. Brrrr! Well, it's been a bit since I've posted. First, last week I mentioned the bunk latches. Well, on my fourth latch, as I was installing it, I noticed that the catch was the wrong size. So, I emailed Vandykes, and they promised to send me out the last latch in the finish they had.. they are discontinuing the polished nickel finish... and I got it, and it is the right size - phew! I've installed the fourth latch so now the bunks will ride in the up position during travel. They look good and it's amazing how much bigger the bedroom area feels with them up. I've installed the chrome paper towel holder in the galley and I have to find a place for the spice rack. I've been measuring and placing where I should be putting my Byam hooks. I have 6 original Byam hooks and they will work nicely for hanging keys, towels, a shirt, etc. A few months ago, I had ordered 4 12 volt LED lights that will be installed in the galley area under the galley overhead storage. I've purchased a toggle switch that will control them. They put off alot of light and will be perfect for our boondocking trips. Then, I've been working on the 12v lights that are in the bedroom area. A while ago I bought two 110v gray flexible lights from Ikea. I've cut the plug ends off, have found 12v light bulbs that fit them and have them wired into the 12v system. They will work perfectly so that we will have both 110v and 12v lights in the bedroom. Once these are installed, the bedroom will be complete, except for 6 drawer catches I have to install on the bedroom drawers to keep them from opening while in transit (I bought these catches at Ikea too). The Buick, our future Sovereign of the Road tow vehicle, a 1959 Buick Electra, is now mounted onto the 75 Chevy Suburban with a 454 that has just had a complete valve job on it. It's purring like a Tiger and is running perfectly. The Buick is all registered and will be driving tomorrow. I am excited!! Enjoy the photos.

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