Monday, October 01, 2007

Letchworth is all they say it is!

The weekend trip was great!!! We started off around 3pm on Friday afternoon. About 20 miles in, we hit a spot in the country road where the farmer had just come out of the fields... All I can say is MUD! The Perkins were behind us with their 58 Globetrotter and all I can say is when we hit it, our trailers instantly turned brown. About an hour later, we had a good bath on the NY State Thruway that washed them pretty good. We arrived just before dark, and spent the weekend camping in good old fashioned relaxation. We hiked most of Saturday and then on the way home Sunday, just mossy'd along via Hammondsport, Watkins Glen, Ithaca (in between here we picked up another Caravanner for about 10 miles - a new Airstream (HELLO)), Cortland, DeRuyter, and then home (note to self - fill up with gas in Cortland - THANKS PERKINS). We did not run out of gas, but had to do some fanangling. Whew! No mud on the way home. We had lunch in Hammondsport on the water. A great weekend. The pictures are of the falls, the Campfire, Hammondsport, Caravanning near home with the Perkins, and the boys looking at the falls. Thanks to the VanDamme's and the Perkins for a great time! This weekend is the Newport News WDCU Installation Rally. There will be at least 25 trailers coming. We're hoping for good weather.

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