Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No snow! Think dry roads!

Well, I hope the weather on Friday is good. We (my dad and I) are planning on driving up to Colin's Friday morning to get the SOTR. I just bought 4 new 14.5" trailer tires for the SOTR as when it gets down here, I'll have the wheels (2 at a time) taken off, tires dismounted, rims re-finished to new, and then new tires installed. I've been working on sourcing original NOS baby moons off of Ebay and I have 4 old baby moons that I will eventually get chromed (latest quote is $400-$600 dollars) but that will wait some. People are asking me - " Colin has it done? " Well, to the point that I will take it from there. Part of it is funds, the other is I want to do some of the work myself (wiring, insulation, reinstalling inside skin). As I stated in earlier posts, my uncle (and the link to the right) with his Chevy Ave Restoration shop, is working on Airstreams now - The family discount is larger than theVAP discount :)

So, my uncle will hit the trailer with the Zolatone we want, and then Carpet Master is right next door to my parents (Marmoleum flooring) and then the interior / plumbing will be a joint venture with me and my Uncle (that is, when I am home).

So, the SOTR still has a long way to go. Plus, this way (since I do have another avenue, that is alot closer for me logistically) Doug can get his Caravanner going :) So, wish me luck on Friday and hope the roads are dry (the center portion of the belly pan is still not installed as we will do the stainless gray water tank install.) for the pull home. SYDTR!

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