Saturday, January 27, 2007

LEDs for the Overlander

I've picked up a nice set of side marker LEDs for the Overlander. These are Spyder Lights. They are chromed plastic base and clear lenses, but the lights are LED and light up in amber and red. They have the same design in round 4" lights too that mount flush in stainless 4" rings. I've only been able to find these lights at one truck stop in PA - believe you me, I've checked them all in between here and Virginia. So, these lights are going to replace the four side marker lights on our Overlander. Also, the two rear tail lights will be updated too. If I brave the cold today, I'll run out and get the 4" lights and take a picture of what they look like. I've added the Google Analytics code (got the idea from Doug's 56 Caravanner blog) to the blog so I am now able to track where my blog readers are from - yesterday a blog hit from France - Welcome!

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